Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life's for sharing

This is great stuff from T-Mobile (and Saatchi and Saatchi)- such fun, and so contagious you can't help but smile. Starting with just a solitary dancer and quickly growing to over 300, rail commuters at London's Liverpool Street Station were treated to some "spontaneous" dancing on an otherwise drab Thursday morning.

No doubt inspired by flash mobs and the like, hidden cameras throughout the station captured the delighted reaction of the crowd - and the result was aired on channel 4 in the UK 48 hours later.

It's all part of their "Life's for Sharing" campaign. A great start to what seems like a very promising platform, with dance being a great example of the unexpected and spontaneous moments in life - the sort of experiences we all want to share. It's about doing things together.

They've also set up a YouTube channel to encourage participation. Check out the spot below (700,000 views and growing) - it's definitely worth watching in HD

Thanks to Richard over at Adliterate for sharing.

And this video captures the reaction of commuters afterwards - happiness all-round.

And the rehearsals...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the crowd reaction and rehearsal videos. I had only seen the 'live' version and wondered about the aftermath.

Martin said...

Thanks Stephanie - glad you enjoyed it. It's a pretty impressive effort, don't you think? I love how they're getting people involved.

Did you see the latest on how people are starting to take hold of the idea in a big way - apparently 12,000 people turned up to Liverpool station last Friday as a result of a flashmob organized through Facebook. Police had to shut down the station. The video of it is below...