Sunday, February 22, 2009

15 of my favourite podcasts (updated)

In an earlier post I'd listed some of my favourite podcasts. Here's an updated list of random stuff I'm enjoying right now, in no particular order

1 - This American Life
2 - Slate Political Gabfest
3 - Slate Cultural Gabfest. A wonderful summary of the week in culture.
4 - WNYC's Radio Lab
5 - Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen
6 - PRI: The Sound of Young America. It's hard to beat the tagline on this one - "A public radio show about things that are awesome". Recent episodes featuring interviews with Neil Gaiman and the Letterman writers are well worth a listen.
7 - Big Ideas
8 - NPR: Fresh Air from WHYY. Consistently great and Terry Gross is one of the best hosts around. Her interview featuring Demetri Martin is hilarious.
9 - KCRW's The Treatment. Wonderfully insightful interviews by the host (Elvis Mitchell) with today's most influential and creative forces in popular art and entertainment
10 - CBC Radio: Q The podcast
11 - Democracy Now with Amy Goodman
12 - The Word. I just discovered this podcast. A bunch of blokes from the UK talking about culture, telly, music - whatever they want. Lots of fun
13 - Net@night. Featuring Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte. If it's new on the net, it's here.
14 - The Nature Podcast. Wonderful storytelling from the natural world. Loved the recent episode on Darwin
15 - NPR Pop Culture Podcast. The name says it all.

What hidden gems out there are you enjoying? I'd love to hear about them.

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Charles Frith said...

An excellent selection. I can't urge you enough to take a look at Melvyn Bragg on Radio 4 with his terrific

In Our Time program.