Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life begins at 80

I think Go Grandriders is one movie I'm going to have to track down. It's looks like a wonderful documentary that tells the story of a group of riders all over the age of 80 who go on a 1100 km motorcycle journey around Taiwan.

The 13 day journey by the 17 Grandriders was an effort to change the stereotypical views of elderly people. As the groups leader, Lai Ching-yen said:

“Young people and the rest of society doesn’t think much of the elderly, believing that when people grow old they become useless. Therefore, we the elderly must be brave so that we can change the society’s opinions of us."

It's inspiring to know that they were able to complete the journey, despite having their own challenges - 2 of the members have cancer, four wear hearing aids, 5 suffer from high blood pressure and 8 take medication for heart disease.

And although I can't understand a word of the trailer, it's so compelling and emotional.

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